Funerals & Memorial Services

Funeral and memorial services conducted with dignity, compassion and simplicity.


If you are in the sad situation of having to arrange a funeral for a friend, family member or partner who has passed away, you may want to consider a humanist funeral. This type of service is perfect if your loved one was not religious or did not want a religious funeral.


We can help you to create and conduct the farewell service that reflects the feelings and beliefs of your departed loved one.  


This can be a very stressful and traumatic time for you. Our Celebrant, Fiona, is here to assist. Fiona does not wish to add to that stress, but she will be needing to talk with you. She is patient and caring, and will treat you, your family/friends with dignity and respect as she listens and quietly and sypathetically gathers the information needed to perform the funeral or memorial ceremony.  She will ask you questions which will allow her to represent your loved one exactly as you wish. Widowed herself inn 2016, Fiona will assist with great compassion and empathy and will be there for you.

Should you choose to prepare and read the eulogy yourself, Fiona will offer the support of various resources that she will make available to you.


Alternatively, should you request Fiona to prepare the eulogy, she will do so with great care and pride, in order to authentically represent exactly the person that they were - their personality and their life.  She will encourage you and others to be as involved as much as possible as she feels this can often strengthen and enhance your connection to the moment as well as offering the beginning of the closure process.

There are no rules and you can represent the deceased in many different ways. In the past, nearly all funerals were conducted in a church. Today, a funeral can and is conducted just about anywhere.


Saying farewell to the flesh is just the beginning of saying goodbye.  Releasing his/her soul will be your way of letting go and this will make the journey of your dearly departed easier.  A customized service can be  nondenominational, interfaith, or civil.



Our service includes:

  • A variety of ceremonies - Christian/Non-denominational/Interfaith/Pagan/Civil/ Spiritual

  • Unlimited planning meetings at my home office in Ballito

  • Travel to the venue of your choice or the use of our venue (Little Tuscany Ballito)

  • Officiate the proceedings


The key part of the preparation for the ceremony is to meet with  you to gain a complete understanding of what you want.  There are no rules.  We will make suggestions that build on what you want to help you achieve your aims.