You’ve made one of the most important decisions you’ll ever have to make – you’re getting married or forming a civil partnership. The next important decision you need to make is who you will entrust to conduct your ceremony and take care of the legal aspect of your marriage or civil partnership. Whether you are planning a small, quiet ceremony or a larger celebration we can promise you a special day. We understand how important it is that your ceremony is personal to you and, as such, it is possible to completely tailor-make your ceremony with readings, music, by adding personal vows or any other element that works for you. We will work with you, within our legal boundaries, to make your ceremony as individual as you are. We will also ensure your marriage or civil partnership is carried out in accordance with the law and will guide you through the legal formalities before and on the day of your marriage or civil partnership.  Nifty Nuptials is a non-denominational, open-minded and LGBTQI friendly company.  We believe in doing everything we can to ensure your ceremony is done your way.  We would be both honoured and delighted to be afforded the opportunity of working with you.

Don’t panic!

We know how excited and nervous you can be on your special day. Don't worry, we will look after you.  We will guide you through the entire process and tell you what you need to do and say as the ceremony goes along. There is nothing for you to remember to do on your own. You will never be asked to repeat large numbers of words; we will break down the sections into small bite size pieces and help you all the way through. Our job is to ensure it goes perfectly - all you need to do is RELAX and ENJOY!

Below are some of our services on offer.  If you don't like what you see, talk to us - we are more than happy to tailor-make something to suit your needs.

Marriage Registrations

You don’t need a wedding ceremony to be legally married. Perhaps you’ve been together so long that the idea of even a small wedding seems totally off-putting, or perhaps you have already had your traditional wedding but not yet concluded the legal registration.  You may want to sneak off quietly and register your marriage without anyone knowing. Whatever the circumstances, we offer quick registrations at our home office in Ballito, or if you are being married by an unlicensed officiant, we travel to your wedding and take care of the registration during or after the ceremony.  This option offers no ceremony, ring exchanges, vows or other soppy stuff - strictly limited to the legal declarations and signing of the register. While this is simply a legal undertaking, we will make every effort to create a warm and engaging experience to honour the occasion and, if you prefer to make it a little more special, we offer packages that include saying the legal stuff under the arch in our quaint garden in Ballito.  Why would you even consider waiting in queues at home affairs when you have this far more pleasant option available to you?

Little Tuscany Micro Garden Weddings


Little Tuscany offers it’s quaint pool-side garden to host your micro wedding. Featuring intimate boutique-style garden weddings which are very ceremony-focused, this tiny venue accommodates up to 14 guests who you can bring along with you to enjoy a brief but meaningful ceremony.  Not a full-on wedding venue as such, but for those seeking something truly intimate and special without the fuss and expense of a regular wedding, and in a far more dignified manner than getting hitched at a Home Affairs office,  Little Tuscany is the perfect spot for a couple who would prefer to keep a shorter guest list for the ceremony & then move on to a separate venue for the reception. We offer a relaxed, casual, uniquely intimate experience. Arrive with your guests, enjoy a beautiful ceremony during which you will exchange vows and rings under our beautifully decorated arch (weather permitting, otherwise on our covered veranda), go through the required legalities, sign the register, enjoy a relaxed photo shoot, champagne and wedding cake & then move on to your reception venue. We will ensure you have an enjoyable experience to cherish.  No-fuss, easy, cost effective way to get married. Various packages and options to choose from in order to tailor-make your won micro garden wedding to remember. We would be delighted to host your proposal too.  Chat to us about our various proposal packages.

Wedding Ceremonies


We offer several types of ceremonies, such as: Spiritual, Religious, Non-Religious, Non Denominational as well as Unity Ceremonies. Your choice is your own decision and we will totally adhere to your wishes. The actual delivery of the ceremony is most important and we believe the role of an Officiant is not only to write emotional and meaningful words, but also to captivate the guests with the love story that is being told. We will creatively weave into the ceremony a sentimental, humorous, and, of course, romantic story about the couple and engage everyone with the charismatic way in which it is told. This personal touch makes each and every ceremony totally unique. We endeavour to draw on all the emotions, from tears to laughter.  The day of your wedding is unique, and who you choose to perform your wedding ceremony is the most important part of your entire wedding plans; We know that you want that day to be unforgettable and we take pride on providing a service that will meet your expectations.  We offer uniquely customized or traditional wedding ceremonies. Your day -  your way.

One-Hour Elopement Weddings


If you know that you want to elope and get married with complete privacy, Little Tuscany is perfect. Run away to Ballito for a romantic, stress free & personal elopement wedding. Our elopement package is specifically designed to accommodate simple, quick yet meaningful ceremonies and modest budgets, Little Tuscany offers a One-hour elopement package for those seeking alternative wedding options that break with tradition. Think small, laid-back, hassle-free, affordable, yet without compromising the beauty and very special feel of your wedding or vow renewal. We offer great value for money. We've put together everything you'll need in one place for your perfect micro elopement wedding. Being more ceremony-focused than anything else, we ensure that although it's a "quickie", it will still be special and meaningful.

It’s all about just the two of you plus up to 14 guests enjoying a relaxed, special and intimate experience you’ll remember forever.

Why Elope instead of having a Wedding?

  • Less planning and stress for all involved

  • Private ceremony may be more intimate and romantic, no family drama

  • More freedom, done in your way and on your own time

  • Much less expensive than a traditional wedding

  • Suitable for those who don’t like the etiquette associated with a traditional wedding but would still like it to be special

Civil Unions

LGBTQI png.png

You're enGayged! Congratulations! Nifty Nuptials proudly supports all couples in marriage, and as such we perform marriage, civil partnership, commitment and vow renewal ceremonies for heterosexual and same-sex couples and pride ourselves on being inclusive, flexible, and creative when creating a customized ceremony for each couple. Our officiants may be straight, but they are not narrow! As with a classic wedding for a heterosexual couple we offer several different types of ceremonies, as well as the opportunity to fully personalise your ceremony. Just as a heterosexual couple, a same sex couple has the right to more than just the standard registry office marriage with off-the-shelf vows and a set format. You should be able to have the most outrageous, flamboyant, classic or most intimate of occasions, with a day that is all about the two of you as a couple.  We can help you create your own customised wedding ceremony. Nifty Nuptials allows you to have a gay day, your way! All of our services and packages are available to all couples and we look forward to serving you.

Vow Renewals


Why renew your vows? There are many reasons why couples choose to hold a renewal of vows ceremony, here are just a few: Those who have married abroad, choose to have a renewal of vows ceremony in order that they can share their experience and joy with their family and friends who were not present at their marriage ceremony. Couples who are nearing a milestone anniversary choose these ceremonies to renew their vows to each other and celebrate their special day with family and friends. Couples who have suffered some difficulties and have overcome these choose to renew their commitment to each other and seek to strengthen their bonds either privately or with close family and friends. Couples who may not have been in a position to have an extravagant day when they initially got married, choose to do it all again in style. Family members also arrange these ceremonies as a surprise for their loved ones to mark some special milestone, or if you know someone close to you and you want to help them celebrate a wonderful occasion, there is no better way to celebrate that special anniversary than by having the happy couple renew their treasured marriage vows before having a great party. These ceremonies follow a similar format to a marriage ceremony and are tailored to meet the individual circumstances of the couple. Contact us for help with planning your vow renewal ceremony.

One of the most common questions I get asked as an Officiant is  -

"Are you actually aware that your fee is much higher than other officiants?”




And here’s why.

In a nutshell, my fee allows me to be a full-time professional officiant exclusively, to not have to cram as many ceremonies as I can into a weekend, and to focus fully on my couple by writing their unique ceremony and crafting the fun and moving story of how they fell in love and arrived at their wedding day.

When I was starting out as a wedding officiant, I collected the usual going-rate fee. That meant a few things:

First, it meant that officiating would always be a side hustle. Even a wedding every weekend at that fee couldn’t pay the bills. An officiant who charges a small fee needs another job to make ends meet and can’t concentrate fully on creating ceremonies for a living. 


Second, it meant that the number of hours I could put into creating a wedding ceremony was very limited. So with a real day job, plus trying to book as many weddings as I could for a low fee, I had to stick to using a wedding script that was fairly “canned” and run-of-the-mill.

And that brings us to my third point: if I wanted my officiating side-hustle to bring even a modest income supplement, I had to officiate two, three, or four weddings in a weekend. Sometimes that meant trying to squeeze two or three into a single day! And that was in addition to my “real” day job. I started to feel like my clients were numbers and my weddings were cookie-cut.

Not anymore, though. I devote 100% focus on every wedding I do and make it the best experience possible for everyone.